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Drainage and Irrigation Systems

Irrigation and drainage engineering, is the artificial application of water to land and artificial removal of excess water from land, respectively. Some land requires irrigation or drainage before it is possible to use it for any agricultural production; other land profits from either practice to increase production. Some land, of course, does not need either. Although either practice may be, and both often are, used for nonagricultural purposes to improve the environment

Highway and Road Engineering

Highway and Road engineering design is a complex branch of civil engineering, encompassing not only the determination of load requirements and structural pavement design, but also the elements of road geometry and traffic flow. All of these aspects must come together to arrive at the optimum design solution for specific roadway construction or highway construction projects.

The geometric design consists of horizontal alignment, vertical profile, and cross-sectional elements. Combined, they provide a three-dimensional layout for a roadway.

  • The alignment is the route of the road, defined as a series of horizontal tangents and curves.
  • The profile is the vertical aspect of the road, including crest and sag curves, and the straight grade lines connecting them.
  • The cross section shows the road structure, water management elements such as ditches and culverts, curb configuration, number of lanes, etc.
Land Development Planning

Land Development Planning ensures that resources are used efficiently so that the needs of the people are met while safeguarding future resources. This planning process can be used to prevent land-use conflicts and reduce exposure to pollutants. Land use planning is essential for any development project.

Building Structure

Structural Engineering essentially utilizing physical testing, modeling and computer simulation

Wastewater Engineering

Wastewater Engineering is the application of engineering methods to improve sanitation of human communities, primarily by providing the removal and disposal of human waste, and in addition to the supply of safe potable water.

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